Willem van Spronsen is Immortal

Willem van Spronsen was a 69 year old anarchist and antifascist who was shot and killed by Tacoma Police yesterday morning, 13.07.19, while setting fire to transport vehicles outside Northwest Detention Center, which houses hundreds of immigrants awaiting hearings or deportations, so-called USA.

Poster text:
Willem Van Spronsen is Immortal

“i have a father’s broken heart
i have a broken down body
and i have an unshakeable
abhorrence of injustice.

detention camps are
an abomination.
i’m not standing by.
i really shouldn’t have
to say any more than this.

i set aside
my broken heart
and i heal the only way
i know how – by being useful.
i efficiently
compartmentalize my pain…
and i joyfully go about this work.

i’m a head in the clouds dreamer,
i believe in love and redemption.
i believe we’re going to win.
i’m joyfully revolutionary.

i am antifa,
i stand with comrades
around the world
who act from the love
of life in every

comrades who understand
that freedom means
real freedom for all
and a life worth living.”

Abolish ICE, Fire to the state, it’s prisons and it’s borders.

Read the full transcript of Will’s final statement here:

Link to download a hi-res PDF of this poster: Willem Van Spronsen is Immortal

Read a statement by Will’s comrades here: https://pugetsoundanarchists.org/we-are-the-fire-that-will-melt-ice-rest-in-power-will-van-spronsen-olympia-wa/

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire to the streets!

‘Through direct action we break the stillness of thoughts,
we cancel the hesitant movements and we
sabotage the discipline’s watches,
creating free times and places
within the hostile environment of the metropolis.
Where the cameras record our movements,
the uniformed pigs of police monitor our glances,
and the screens of spectacle manufacture our desires,
we once again wear our hoods.
Our hands grasp stones, molotov cocktails, grenades, pistols and we surge into the streets searching for freedom.
Now we are in prison, we never forget that feeling
and with the first opportunity we will do quite the same again.’
~ CCF Greece, 2011

Freedom for Anarchist prisoners worldwide!
Abolish prison society!
Long live the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire!
Long live the Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front!

Free Christos Tsakalos, Gerasimos Tsakalos, Olga Oikonomidou, Giorgos Polidoros, Mihalis Nikolopoulos, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Damianos Bolano & Theofilos Mavropoulos.



Download image PDF’s here: LONG LIVE CCF  &  CCF neon


Free Baby Girl! Jennifer Amelia Rose to the streets!

“I’m an imprisoned anarchist and trans feminist prison rebel held captive behind enemy lines by the state in California (the occupied Chumash and Native Territories). I’ve been held as a political prisoner for nearly 30 years!
I need your solidarity & support!”

‘Jennifer Gann [now Rose] is a political prisoner/prisoner of war held in California State Prison since 1990. Originally sentenced to seven years for an armed robbery when she was age 21, Jennifer became politicised as a jailhouse lawyer and prison abolitionist during the 1991 Folsom Prison Food Strike, and as a result was targeted by the California Department of Corrections prison officials’ illegal brutality and torture. Jennifer spent more than a decade in solitary confinement at Folsom and Pelican Bay SHU where she engaged in self-defense and resistance actions, sabotaging/breaking prison cell windows and attacking the pigs. Jennifer was subsequently given multiple 25 year to life sentences for “non-serious” felonies after a trial where she was denied benefit of counsel and defence witnesses.

Jennifer is 48 years old and has continued to experience misogynist/transphobic violence by prison guards and inmates for the past several years, including a 2015 prison riot at Kern Valley State Prison between anti-racist Black and Queer prisoners against homophobic gang members and a 2016 police brutality incident where she was severely beaten and hospitalised by four male correctional officers.

Jennifer has earned 22 college credits at San Bernardino Valley College and Coastline Community College toward an Associate in Arts degree. She has worked in vocational welding class, as a recreation aide in the Enhanced Outpatient Program (EOP), and as a Transgender Coordinator for the Inmate Advisory Council (IAC). Jenny also led a Siddha Yoga class in 2015, and received certificate of completion for therapy groups in Cultural Change and Getting Out by Going In (GOGI). Because of her age, educational achievements and decades in prison, she falls into the US Justice Department’s category of the extremely low recidivism rate of roughly 1%. Not only does she not pose a risk to society, Jennifer plans to volunteer work at the TGI Justice Project helping others in her community.

30 years is ENOUGH!!! Jennifer went to prison as a troubled young person, now she is a student, worker and activist. It’s time to bring her home to her mother, sister, family, friends and community.

Personal correspondence and support letters are welcome. Please visit the Anarchist Black Cross websites and www.junell.org for the latest news on Jennifer and other anarchist political prisoners and POW. Also check out www.jenichony.org for news on many other political prisoners/POW.

Visit Jennifer’s support site at https://babygirlgann.noblogs.org
Jennifer Gann E23852
Salinas Valley State Prison
PO Box 1050
Soledad, CA 93960

Read more from Jennifer on her blog: https://betweenthebars.org/blogs/490/jennifer-amelia-rose

June 11 blog: https://june11.noblogs.org/

PDF poster download: Free Baby Girl

Free Michael Kimble

Free Michael Kimble

Michael Kimble is a black, gay anarchist serving a life sentence in Alabama for the murder of a white, homophobic, racist bigot.

During his first years of imprisonment, Michael embraced communism, but soon moved away from it and toward anarchy because, as he describes it “anarchism is not about building a hierarchical structure for liberation somewhere in the distant future, but about living your life, now, in a fashion that’s liberating.

Michael has a long history of both individual and collective struggle against prison authority, and continues to engage in the fight against prison slave labor as part of the Free Alabama Movement.

June 11, Solidarity with Marius Mason & all long-term Anarchist Prisoners.


PDF poster download: Free Michael Kimble

Tamara Sol to the streets!

Tamara Sol to the streets! June 11, International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason & all long-term Anarchist Prisoners.

Tamara Sol is an anarchist serving a 7 year prison sentence in Chile. On January 21, 2014 she entered a bank and fired multiple shots at a security guard, shouting “this is for revenge!” for her comrade Sebastian Oversluij, who was killed a month prior at the same bank during an attempted expropriation. She took the guard’s gun and fled, but was arrested shortly after, and sentenced to 7 years imprisonment by the Chilean courts. Tamara’s family, having both participated and lost relatives in the struggle against the Pinochet regime, consistently defend her actions and vocally attack the system that imprisons her and killed her comrade Sebastian.

In January 2018, Tamara attempted to escape from Valparaiso Prison, and was injured by both the fence’s razor wire and the guards who beat her after the attempt. She has since been transferred between prisons multiple times, and is currently being held at the notoriously brutal Llancahue prison in Valdivia.


PDF poster download: Free Tamara Sol

Alternative edit:

Marius Mason Present

“My body is trapped in here, but my heart is with you still fighting out there.”

Marius Mason present!

Marius Mason is a trans man & an anarchist, environmental, and animal rights prisoner. In March 2008, he was arrested by federal authorities for charges related to two acts of property destruction that occurred in 1999 and 2000 – damaging an office connected to GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) research, and destroying a piece of logging equipment. No one was injured in either act. He faced a life sentence before accepting a plea bargain in September 2008.

Mason was sentenced on February 5, 2009 in federal court in Lansing, Michigan. He received almost 22 years – the longest sentence of any Green Scare prisoner. An appeal for a reduction in his sentence was denied in 2010.
The Green Scare is the name given to the arrests of animal rights and environmental activists who have been charged with acts of economic sabotage. Federal authorities have sought outrageous sentences (often life in prison) and have publicly and legally labeled the activists as “terrorists” – despite the fact that no one has been killed or injured in any of the acts.

Support Marius Mason blog: https://supportmariusmason.org/

June 11, International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason & all long-term Anarchist Prisoners

PDF poster download: Free Marius Mason

Victory to the Rebels in Sudan

Victory to the rebels in Sudan. Call for immediate acts of Anarchist solidarity.

‘We are calling for immediate acts of solidarity with rebels in Sudan (and against the Sudanese & Saudi state) – whether that’s banner drops, graffiti and wheat-pasting, informational tabling, rowdy marches & demos, fundraisers to help Sudanese doctors get medical supplies, or other creative acts of intervention that make sense in your context.

While this call is for immediate reaction we should be taking time to look at our local terrain to find private or state run entities with economic ties to the Sudanese or Saudi state and act against them to move our solidarity from what is most likely symbolic actions to show the people of Sudan they are not alone to a combative solidarity that impedes the smooth functioning of the TMC, the states that support and supply it, and the logistical flows of the supplies used to repress the uprising.

Solidarity is never a one off action, but a constant process of building relationships with other anarchists and movements for liberation, of examining, acting, and learning to build a materially effective practice of attack. International solidarity is key because Capital, it’s defenders, and it’s reaction fights globally and so should we.

Against Authoritarianism Anywhere
For Total Freedom Everywhere’

Read full text here:


For Toal Freedom Everywhere Ⓐ

Download poster PDF here: Victory to the rebels in Sudan

Fundraiser for the International Anarchist Defence Fund

The International Anarchist Defence Fund is a model of providing solidarity based on a similar structure to the International Anti-fascist Defence Fund. With repression of anarchists worldwide increasing, it’s important we organize to support comrades targeted by the state.

A group of anarcho-queers from so-called Australia have put together some beautiful pieces of original art with accompanying texts from various Anarchist essays & letters, printed as full color glossy postcards. The small postcards come as a set of 5, large postcards sold individually, intended as a hybrid art/agit-prop/zine project, for sale internationally for just a few dollars with 100% proceeds donated to A-fund.

Along with a short print run of large posters, for sale within so-called Australia only.

Check out the distro here, and if you’re able to share amongst your networks that’d be lovely!

For transparency, view donation receipts here:

Wallmapu Libre

Collaboration with comrade from so-called Chile. The trees are called Araucarias, very big & very old, and they grow in the forests of Wallmapu, Mapuche territory.


Solidarity fundraiser for MASIL Exchange 2020, by Anarcho Queer Agitation Bureau (AQAB) of Nihilistic Tendancies.
Postcard size 14.8 x 14.8 cm, 100% proceeds donated to MASIL.
Order here: https://aqab.bigcartel.com/product/wallmapu-libre-square-postcard

‘Mapuche Aboriginal Struggles for Indigenous Land (MASIL) Exchange 2020 is a grassroots project organised between First Nations activists to organise and strengthen international solidarity and links between Indigenous peoples struggling for autonomy and self-determination, decolonisation and land defence.’

For direct donations: