Incarcerated Trans & Gender Diverse Community Fund

Organised by Witt Gorrie & Dtarneen Onus Williams, please support!

‘This is a fund to provide financial and material support to trans and gender diverse people who are incarcerated. This fund aims to provide support for trans people in prison and post-release.

Trans and gender diverse people, in particular Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, who have been criminalised experience structural discrimination and violence that directly impacts upon access to legal support, stable housing, employment, income, health care and wellbeing. Overwhelmingly the majority of trans and gender diverse people who are incarcerated are Sistergirls and trans women who have been placed in men’s prisons. While no prison is safe, trans women in men’s prisons face the daily risk of physical, psychological and sexual violence.

The aim of this fund is to generate financial assistance to support people while inside, to aide in their release and with re-establishing life back in their community.’