Comrade Rottie

A Fraser Anning party volunteer has been hospitalized after he was bitten on the hand by a rottweiler while handing out flyers at a polling booth south of so-called Brisbane.

Free Astro

Free Astro!
Tony Abbot deserved it (A)
1. Tuck your chin as you headbutt, so that your neck is more protected and you are striking with the top crown of your head – otherwise you’re using your forehead – which can knock YOU out!
2. Firmly cup your hands behind your attacker’s neck, making sure your arms are bent so you have full power!
3. Jerk hard and fast as you pull your attacker’s face INTO the headbutt, while you are headbutting forward full-force with the top of your head.
4. Repeat multiple times (if you don’t feel him instantly crumple), fast and hard, until the attacker is down.
(professional instructions via modern combat & survival)