Incarcerated Trans & Gender Diverse Community Fund

Organised by Witt Gorrie & Dtarneen Onus Williams, please support!

‘This is a fund to provide financial and material support to trans and gender diverse people who are incarcerated. This fund aims to provide support for trans people in prison and post-release.

Trans and gender diverse people, in particular Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, who have been criminalised experience structural discrimination and violence that directly impacts upon access to legal support, stable housing, employment, income, health care and wellbeing. Overwhelmingly the majority of trans and gender diverse people who are incarcerated are Sistergirls and trans women who have been placed in men’s prisons. While no prison is safe, trans women in men’s prisons face the daily risk of physical, psychological and sexual violence.

The aim of this fund is to generate financial assistance to support people while inside, to aide in their release and with re-establishing life back in their community.’

be gay, do crime

I did this rough sketch a while ago, been meaning to make a finished version but it hasn’t happened yet, not sure if it will. Everytime I try I end up staring out the window instead. So I’m calling it a day, be gay, do crime.

Mutual aid fundraiser FNQ Update

Piss on Ausfailure block printed patches are now sold out. $375 has been forwarded to comrades organizing mutual aid for homeless First Nations people in Far North not-the-Queensland. Money raised has been given out in the form of cash, food, medical supplies, camping & fishing equipment and more. Thank you to those involved in these incredible efforts & to everyone who ordered patches & supported the fundraiser!

Smash all Settler States! Anarcho birthday greetings to the Rojava Revolution from so-called Australia.

On the 19.07.20, the 8th birthday of the Rojava Revolution, we unfurled these banners as a small gesture to the brave Kurdish women warriors of the YPJ, and remembering too the brave Gunai warriors past & present who resist this hell colony known as gippsland / australia. A few queer punks with a plan to escape the industrial hellscape for the afternoon, only to find ourselves at a pumping station along a river at the foothills of the Baw Baws, behind Energy Australia’s filthy coal power stations. Downstream where the water stagnates, overtaken by weeds, and 4WD’s rip up the earth beneath the towering gums, the surrounding hills long cleared and farmed. And yet in spite of this colonial violence, life exists, eco-systems persist. We realise our banners are no great threat to the colonial project, we humbly share them with the intention to show our love and respect for the Rojava revolution and Indigenous resistance worldwide – from the occupied territories of the Gunai Kurnai Nation to Kurdistan and beyond.
Smash the settler state, death to colonialism, long live resistance! (A)

Piss On Ausfailure *FINAL PRINT RUN*

Final print run of Piss On Ausfailure backpatches before I bring out some new work. Best results yet after I got a couple of cool new printmaking tools, and a few different fabrics including this new glittery nebula material (which is very hard to photograph with a phone but looks excellent irl), a cute vintage floral, some reds, one pink, & a bunch on white. Very limited editions!! Order here:…/piss-on-ausfailure-final-print…

100% sales will be used for mutual aid, by First Nations comrades in Gimuy, far north (not the) queensland. More info & to donate directly here (facebook link): Support for ‘2nd Wave’ First Nations homelessness in FNQ

In Solidarity With the Wild patch update

09.07.20 In Solidarity With the Wild patches have sold out, thank you to everyone who ordered! Combined total from both print runs was $375 and has been forwarded to the fundraiser for Ngarabul #Landback.

In Solidarity With the Wild patch

New block printed patch, In Solidarity With the Wild. Water-based, machine washable ink on recycled heavy white cotton. The printed area is 11cm x 11cm, with a 1cm unprinted border, so you can finish it off any way you like (cut it in a circle, hem the edges, or leave as is & frame it). Only 12 available, I’ll do another print run later if needed. These are hand carved & printed, so some print variations will occur. Order link:

All proceeds will be forwarded to this fundraiser to buy back a small but significant area of Ngarabul homelands so it can be looked after & used for culture & healing.
More info & to donate directly here:

Fundraiser for Solidarity Fund in Greece update

Edit 11.06.20 >> Orders have been posted out & $185 in funds donated to the Soli Fund. Many thanks to the people who supported the fundraiser <<

Pre-orders for fine art prints have closed. Thanks to everyone who put up an order. Printing begins tomorrow & fingers crossed I can post them out to you by the end of the week. Total profit will be calculated then & sent to the Solidarity Fund for imprisoned & persecuted revolutionaries from Greece. Receipt available on request in approximately 1 week! 🖤🏴