Anna Campbell is Immortal


Anna Campbell is Immortal.

Anna Campbell was a queer anarchist from East Sussex who joined the YPJ as an internationalist to defend the Rojava revolution, & the worldwide struggle against fascism, capital & patriarchy. She was killed on the 15th of March 2018 by a Turkish airstrike as the fascist neo-Ottoman state invaded the city of Afrin, in the autonomous region of Northern Syria. She was 26 years old.

Long live women’s resistance, long live queer resistance! Long live internationalism and solidarity!
Fight fascism, fight capitalism, fight patriarchy!
Vengeance for the victims of fascist violence in Christchurch & worldwide.

*EDIT: For anyone wishing to download hi-res PDF of this poster, I’ve uploaded it to dropbox. Downloading is free, but if you’d like to contribute money, please support Make Rojava Green Again.

Download PDF poster here: Anna Campbell is Immortal

Make Roller Derby Radical Again

Make roller derby radical again! Ⓐ
Skaters against capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, racism, classism, ableism, transphobia & queerphobia.
For a radical anti-capitalist transformation of roller derby, for the abolition of all hierarchies! No confidence in elite, self-serving leadership & their stale committees.