‘In the network of the metropolis the most totalitarian human tendencies are expressed through relationships. Only target: the accumulation of capital from every possible production field, from every “innovative” consummation field. And Exarcheia couldn’t get away from this plan. The capitalist invasion is war. And this war, besides the consciously-politicized subjects, aims at the people that are not considered productive and exploitable, such as migrants without papers, “illegal” street vendors, expropriators and substance users. We, by practically showing our solidarity, take position in this war, choose to stand by every oppressed person and to remind the state that no attack and no eviction will stay unanswered.

At the same time, we try to get to know the migrants in Exarcheia square, and in every square. We want to become one with the wild youth. Lets all together try to engrave our own routes, in our common grounds, creating common codes and cultures of mutual empowerment and solidarity. If we don’t build real relationships with the people that are part of the multi-ethnic proletariat, how can we talk about our collective liberation?

From hanging out together, to squatting buildings together, to making riots together, to expropriating metropolitan’s wealth together, to talking about our problems, to evolving our thoughts and our way of acting. To getting away from any academical and cut off, from our way of living, critics. Lets not become the perpetual apostates of history, but be the people who write it. We weren’t born as the “perfect” anti-authoritarian subjects and we don’t have that kind of demands from anyone. During the struggle, conscience and content are forged.
Riot Core “Mahir Mete Kul*”

*Mahir Mete Kul was a communist student from Turkey who was killed in 24/3/2019, at 22 years old, by trying to escape Erdogan’s establishment using an inflatable/dinghy through Evros. Being part of the “Revolutionary Youth”, he was imprisoned at 20 years old for 10 months, tortured and let out with a ban on leaving the country. He was kicked out of his university and his whole family was targeted. His attempts to live a better life did not succeed. The state and the capital killed Mahir. We do not forget, we do not forgive. Honor to his memory – Support to his family and comrades.’

Read more here: https://mpalothia.net/athens-greece-arson-attack-against-the-ministry-of-culture/

Wallmapu Libre

Collaboration with comrade from so-called Chile. The trees are called Araucarias, very big & very old, and they grow in the forests of Wallmapu, Mapuche territory.


Solidarity fundraiser for MASIL Exchange 2020, by Anarcho Queer Agitation Bureau (AQAB) of Nihilistic Tendancies.
Postcard size 14.8 x 14.8 cm, 100% proceeds donated to MASIL.
Order here: https://aqab.bigcartel.com/product/wallmapu-libre-square-postcard

‘Mapuche Aboriginal Struggles for Indigenous Land (MASIL) Exchange 2020 is a grassroots project organised between First Nations activists to organise and strengthen international solidarity and links between Indigenous peoples struggling for autonomy and self-determination, decolonisation and land defence.’

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Baby, let’s toast

‘Rather, what comes after Gender Nihilism must be a materialist struggle against patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism which understands and is attentive to the complex interrelations between these structures and which refuses to reduce any one of them to any other.”

Patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism have identity politics of their own. They each essentialize a role and behavior which reinforces their power socially. In addition to physically attacking these institutions, for me it is important to reclaim my self and emancipate from their mental captivity. This means refusing their language to define others, allowing others to define themselves beyond identity-based assumptions. It also means any positive projects that attempt to occupy space in the courtyard of capitalism compromises the integrity of their rebellion. The transforming of “queer” into another rigid, social identity by capitalism and liberalism is one of many examples. The positive politics of queer identity legitimizes the state and glorifies a civilized standard of submission. With the help of internalized and often celebrated victimhood, “queer” soon becomes another identity pacified and manufactured by capitalism.

This is why my queerness is not a positive project. It’s meaning runs contrary to the collectivized subordination in both capitalism and the left. Queer nihilism means arming negativity against the pacifying effects of positive politics, exploring the intimacy of criminal affinity with others, and arming individuality with the queerest savagery against domestication. The fire in my heart burns every gendered prison assigned to me. Queer is confrontation: my desire for freedom has intercourse with my hatred for civilization. What blooms is a lifelong dance that materializes the queerest attack on capital and social control. I find myself immersed in the chaos of bloodied weapons, broken glass and shrieking alarms. My body is a dangerous space of love and rage ungoverned by the morality of non-violence. With love, and in solidarity with the wild, and with all those who embrace queer anarchy with hysterical laughs of joy- towards the queerest attack upon the civilized order!’

From Arming Negativity: Towards the Queerest Attack, by Flower Bomb.
Read the full text here: https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/flower-bomb-arming-negativity-towards-the-queerest-attack

Transform the trauma into revenge

Transform your trauma into revenge.
In solidarity with the wild.

“My queerness is an experimentation that never ends. It is the totality of a life lived against the law, insubordinate and wild. It is not a communist politics but a nihilist negation to all systems that attempt to subordinate individuality. It is not the leftist politics of demanding and “building a better world” but an anarchist insurgency of reclaiming life day to day, and setting fire to its captors. Since gender is embedded in every fabric of this industrial, civilized society, I find no hope in salvaging any part of it­ only joy in every second of its calculated demise.” ~ Arming Negativity: Towards the Queerest Attack, by Flower Bomb

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