Jesus died for your homophobia

A “religious freedom” bill is set to be introduced into so-called Australian federal parliament this month, to give “christian” employers, school principles, hospitals, nursing homes, service providers etc the legal protection to sack workers, expel students, & deny people services on the grounds of their queer & transgender identity.

This bill is another step in strengthening the christo-fascist, white supremacist, & illegitimate colonial government of these lands. Although we have no faith in parliamentary politics, we’re not going to accept this latest homophobic & transphobic attack without a fight.

Queers bash back!

Long live Women’s Resistance!

Jin Jiyan Azadi Biji berxwedan / Women Life Freedom, Long live resistance!
Jin rabin ser piyan hibo Efrine / Women rise up for Afrin!

“Our people have embraced the revolution with great sacrifice and a great price paid. Our people have stood with the fighters at every turn, and worked hard to grow and protect the revolution.

We celebrate the 7th anniversary of the July 19 Revolution for Leader Apo, the defenders of the sacred lands, the immortalized martyrs, the peoples of Rojava and Eastern and Western Syria, and all the peoples of the world. We repeat our promise to defend the revolution as we remember with respect all the martyrs of the revolution in the person of Jinda, Ruksen, Xebat, Arin, Revana, Gelhat, Avesta and Karker.”
Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) statement on the 7th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution.

Free Jock

Support your local Antifa /// Free Jock !

‘27.07.19: Last week in Sofia, Bulgaria, 32-year-old anti-fascist Jock Palfreeman was denied parole on his 20-year prison sentence for murder. Jock was convicted in 2009 of the stabbing murder of Andrei Monov and the attempted murder of Anton Zahariev. The death occurred after Jock went to the aid of two Roma boys who were being attacked by a racist gang in Sofia in December 2007; he has now spent over 11 years behind bars as a result. All appeals against the conviction and sentence — along with attempts to convince Bulgarian authorities to allow him to serve the rest of his sentence in Australia — have failed, and it seems likely that Jock will not be released until the full 20-year sentence has been served.’
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PDF poster download: Free Jock poster

Willem van Spronsen is Immortal

Willem van Spronsen was a 69 year old anarchist and antifascist who was shot and killed by Tacoma Police yesterday morning, 13.07.19, while setting fire to transport vehicles outside Northwest Detention Center, which houses hundreds of immigrants awaiting hearings or deportations, so-called USA.

Poster text:
Willem Van Spronsen is Immortal

“i have a father’s broken heart
i have a broken down body
and i have an unshakeable
abhorrence of injustice.

detention camps are
an abomination.
i’m not standing by.
i really shouldn’t have
to say any more than this.

i set aside
my broken heart
and i heal the only way
i know how – by being useful.
i efficiently
compartmentalize my pain…
and i joyfully go about this work.

i’m a head in the clouds dreamer,
i believe in love and redemption.
i believe we’re going to win.
i’m joyfully revolutionary.

i am antifa,
i stand with comrades
around the world
who act from the love
of life in every

comrades who understand
that freedom means
real freedom for all
and a life worth living.”

Abolish ICE, Fire to the state, it’s prisons and it’s borders.

Read the full transcript of Will’s final statement here:

Link to download a hi-res PDF of this poster: Willem Van Spronsen is Immortal

Read a statement by Will’s comrades here:

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire to the streets!

‘Through direct action we break the stillness of thoughts,
we cancel the hesitant movements and we
sabotage the discipline’s watches,
creating free times and places
within the hostile environment of the metropolis.
Where the cameras record our movements,
the uniformed pigs of police monitor our glances,
and the screens of spectacle manufacture our desires,
we once again wear our hoods.
Our hands grasp stones, molotov cocktails, grenades, pistols and we surge into the streets searching for freedom.
Now we are in prison, we never forget that feeling
and with the first opportunity we will do quite the same again.’
~ CCF Greece, 2011

Freedom for Anarchist prisoners worldwide!
Abolish prison society!
Long live the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire!
Long live the Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front!

Free Christos Tsakalos, Gerasimos Tsakalos, Olga Oikonomidou, Giorgos Polidoros, Mihalis Nikolopoulos, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Damianos Bolano & Theofilos Mavropoulos.

Download image PDF’s here: LONG LIVE CCF  &  CCF neon


Free Baby Girl! Jennifer Amelia Rose to the streets!

“I’m an imprisoned anarchist and trans feminist prison rebel held captive behind enemy lines by the state in California (the occupied Chumash and Native Territories). I’ve been held as a political prisoner for nearly 30 years!
I need your solidarity & support!”

‘Jennifer Gann [now Rose] is a political prisoner/prisoner of war held in California State Prison since 1990. Originally sentenced to seven years for an armed robbery when she was age 21, Jennifer became politicised as a jailhouse lawyer and prison abolitionist during the 1991 Folsom Prison Food Strike, and as a result was targeted by the California Department of Corrections prison officials’ illegal brutality and torture. Jennifer spent more than a decade in solitary confinement at Folsom and Pelican Bay SHU where she engaged in self-defense and resistance actions, sabotaging/breaking prison cell windows and attacking the pigs. Jennifer was subsequently given multiple 25 year to life sentences for “non-serious” felonies after a trial where she was denied benefit of counsel and defence witnesses.

Jennifer is 48 years old and has continued to experience misogynist/transphobic violence by prison guards and inmates for the past several years, including a 2015 prison riot at Kern Valley State Prison between anti-racist Black and Queer prisoners against homophobic gang members and a 2016 police brutality incident where she was severely beaten and hospitalised by four male correctional officers.

Jennifer has earned 22 college credits at San Bernardino Valley College and Coastline Community College toward an Associate in Arts degree. She has worked in vocational welding class, as a recreation aide in the Enhanced Outpatient Program (EOP), and as a Transgender Coordinator for the Inmate Advisory Council (IAC). Jenny also led a Siddha Yoga class in 2015, and received certificate of completion for therapy groups in Cultural Change and Getting Out by Going In (GOGI). Because of her age, educational achievements and decades in prison, she falls into the US Justice Department’s category of the extremely low recidivism rate of roughly 1%. Not only does she not pose a risk to society, Jennifer plans to volunteer work at the TGI Justice Project helping others in her community.

30 years is ENOUGH!!! Jennifer went to prison as a troubled young person, now she is a student, worker and activist. It’s time to bring her home to her mother, sister, family, friends and community.

Personal correspondence and support letters are welcome. Please visit the Anarchist Black Cross websites and for the latest news on Jennifer and other anarchist political prisoners and POW. Also check out for news on many other political prisoners/POW.

Visit Jennifer’s support site at
Jennifer Gann E23852
Salinas Valley State Prison
PO Box 1050
Soledad, CA 93960

Read more from Jennifer on her blog:

June 11 blog:

PDF poster download: Free Baby Girl