Free West Papua!

Latrobe Valley, So-Called Australia: Banner Action in Solidarity with West Papua

Received on 26.08.19:

A banner with the slogan “Free West Papua” was hung over a bridge on the Princes Freeway, on lands of the Brayakooloong people of the Gunai Kurnai Nation in so-called Moe / Latrobe Valley, Gippsland, southeast Victoria. This small gesture of solidarity was carried out in response to the ongoing Peoples’ Uprising in West Papua.

Jesus died for your homophobia

A “religious freedom” bill is set to be introduced into so-called Australian federal parliament this month, to give “christian” employers, school principles, hospitals, nursing homes, service providers etc the legal protection to sack workers, expel students, & deny people services on the grounds of their queer & transgender identity.

This bill is another step in strengthening the christo-fascist, white supremacist, & illegitimate colonial government of these lands. Although we have no faith in parliamentary politics, we’re not going to accept this latest homophobic & transphobic attack without a fight.

Queers bash back!

Long live Women’s Resistance!

Jin Jiyan Azadi Biji berxwedan / Women Life Freedom, Long live resistance!
Jin rabin ser piyan hibo Efrine / Women rise up for Afrin!

“Our people have embraced the revolution with great sacrifice and a great price paid. Our people have stood with the fighters at every turn, and worked hard to grow and protect the revolution.

We celebrate the 7th anniversary of the July 19 Revolution for Leader Apo, the defenders of the sacred lands, the immortalized martyrs, the peoples of Rojava and Eastern and Western Syria, and all the peoples of the world. We repeat our promise to defend the revolution as we remember with respect all the martyrs of the revolution in the person of Jinda, Ruksen, Xebat, Arin, Revana, Gelhat, Avesta and Karker.”
Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) statement on the 7th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution.

Prisons are for Burning papercraft zine

New zine! Prisons are for Burning papercraft diorama ????????????

Colour or black & white versions free to download.
3 pages, includes instructions for assembling. Works best printed on 200gsm paper but regular 80gsm also works. Download PDF’s here:

Prisons are for burning b&w zine PDF

Prisons are for burning colour zine PDF

As usual, downloading is free, but if you’d like to contribute some money, please make a donation to the International Anarchist Defence Fund

Happy for people to print & sell for fundraisers.