Victory to the Haiti Rebels

12.02.19 ‘All 78 prisoners have escaped from Aquin Prison in southern Haiti, as the countrywide insurrection has left Haiti’s police force unable to respond.
The prisoners were able to escape while the police were distracted by nearby protesters, demanding the overthrow of the corrupt right wing regime of Jovenel Moïse. The prisoners had initially left their cells for a scheduled shower, and escaped in the midst of a demonstration outside the prison and its adjoining police station. Barricades made by protesters had blocked police reinforcements sent from Les Cayes, a town nearly 34 miles (55km) away.
The rebellion against IMF-imposed austerity and the misappropriation of PetroCaribe funds from Venezuela is now in its sixth day. Earlier today in Port-au-Prince, revolutionaries responded to the murder of a protester by police by throwing rocks and molotov cocktails. Militants have set up flaming barricades to block roads around the country, and attacks against the police have been increasing.
As revolutionary activity continues in Haiti, militancy will provide more openings for prisoners to escape captivity and gain freedom.’